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By: Lisa Rousseau

Do you have a sister? Do you want one? You can have my sister! Hahaa, jk, not a chance. Having a sister is a blessing. It is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received. And the best part is, I have had this gift for as long as I can remember- I never had to wait for Amazon to deliver this present to me.

Growing up with a sister was like growing up with a mirror. All my actions were repeated by her or in the very least, commented on by her. I had an audience 24/7, whether I wanted one or not. But the blessing in having that sidekick, is that there is a chance for introspection and growth. Two vital responsibilities to ourselves that we sometimes take for granted. Although feedback received from a sis may be untimely or with #NoFilter, she has always told me the truth and held the mirror up for me to see who I really am. I am grateful for the honesty…(and of course, there is room for improvement on its delivery J). All in all, having a sister has given me a partner to work towards an improved level of physical health, opportunity for renewed emotional strength and the motivation for increased entrepreneurship and career growth. I’ve got a keeper.

Sisterhood is important to us at Prim and Prosper, Inc. We want all our participants in our program to feel as if they just inherited a village of sisters. Our community of healthy sistership is the backbone of the community we would like to create. Show your sister some support today. Hold her mirror for her, and let her know how valuable she is!

Do you have a sister? If so, how many? Can you ever have enough sisters?

If you do not have a sister, whom would you identify that is “close like a sister”? How do you motivate each other?

What responsibilities do you think are important for healthy sistership?

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