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Scholarship Application

Prim & Prosper, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging  women to walk boldly in their God-given purpose with a focus on community awareness, empowerment, health & wellness and professional development. We strive to inspire a lifestyle of purpose, build a generation of women that understand their worth and value and who are unwilling to compromise who God created them to be for the appeasement of others.

Prim and Prosper, Inc. has 3 pillars – Elegance, Confidence & Ambition. Elegance focuses on sisterhood, mentorship, inspiring creativity and exposure through travel, art and philanthropy. Confidence focuses on educating our girls on nutrition, mental health and the importance of exercise to maintain a sound mind and body. Ambition focuses on continuously challenging yourself to improve your purpose, exposing yourself to educational opportunities and thriving regardless of obstacles.

We do not limit our impact to our local community, but we also travel across the world, highlighting various community organizations that are improving lives within their community. We not only get the opportunity to learn and be exposed to new cultures, but we are able to spread love across many communities. We not only encourage giving, we live it.


Thank you for applying for the Prim & Prosper, Inc. College Scholarship! We are excited to invest in you and help you prosper on your journey to earning your degree. To be eligible for the scholarhip, please review the criteria below.

· Female, Full-Time College Student

· Cumulative 2.5 GPA or Higher

· Proof of College / University Enrollment

· Transcript

· Current Resume

· Community Service

· 1-Minute Video Essay


If you have any questions regarding your application, please email

Please share your experience serving the community within the last 2 years, including the name of the organization and contact information for the organization.
As a selected scholarship recipient, I consent to Prim & Prosper, Inc. sharing my responses to announce winners on their social media sites, including, but not limited to their website, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Please provide electronic signature below.
If under the age of 18 years old:

Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

If you selected 'Yes' to the previous question, what specific topics are you seeking mentorship on?
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