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Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries (DRMM) is an organization focused on providing resources for the homeless including shelter, food, clothing and church services. For over 100 years, DRMM has rebuilt many lives destroyed by addiction, homelessness and poverty. Along with providing resources, DRMM also provides substance abuse treatment, transitional and permanent housing, job preparation and educational courses.

Prim & Prosper, Inc. had the opportunity to volunteer with the DRMM at the Oasis home, in which we were able to help serve food and provide a warm smile and words of encouragement. We enjoyed learning about the Oasis home and meeting those individuals who provide care to the less fortunate on a daily basis. In particular, we were able to engage with the kitchen staff who spoke highly of DRMM and the residents of the Oasis home. The staff’s commitment to providing warm meals to the homeless and even beyond that sharing laughs, stories and motivation is admirable.

To learn more about DRMM and ways in which you can volunteer or donate items such as food, clothing, utensil, etc., please visit

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